Friday, 6 February 2009

Have Sh*t - Will Flush

Leeds University is in bother, reports the BBC, after an unnamed person clearing a lab, threw away a huge (35Kg) bag of poo belonging to grad student, Daniel Bennett. Lizard poo that is: I know students can be pretty disgusting creatures but that would be extreme even for them.

Mr Bennett had collected the faeces to study the butann lizard, a relative of the Komodo Dragon, thought to be extinct until quite recently. In an effort to understand how the creatures live, he collected and analysed the excrement and spent several years trudging around in the Philippines looking for it.

A spokesperson for the University told the BBC that protocols had been improved so that this sort of mistake would not be repeated. They didn't say if that meant that PhD students would be prevented from collecting doodoo in future or if the Uni was less likely to throw it away if they did.

Despite the overshite, Mr Bennett remains on course to finish his doctorate later this year and I wish him well.

Flush please.

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