Wednesday, 11 March 2009

About Time, Too!

Not before time (in fact, long overdue) the BBC has an article which explains why statistics are so fucking misleading - particularly in the media and from government.

Michael Blastland's article, here is very good and has a step-by-step guide to demonstrating the simple maths behind the sort of everyday shite the people over at the Daily Fail wind the middle classes up with!

In other news, I'm quiet right now because I have a demanding day job and more demanding business partner who will spank my botty if she catches me blogging again... at least until I finish ;-)

I'm also waiting for Jade Goody to pass over because the news is so full of her these days that there's very little worthy of a good piss take and I don't want to join the throngs of other bloggers saying how good/bad she is. It's a dichotomy, I know, but someone has to have it.

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